Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Baoter bathroom accessories are designed and presented with the observation and inspiration during the recent 20 years. You might find each series of bathroom accessories gives you different feelings. They represent themselves; represent the attitude they brought of life.
Nowadays, the trend includes the variety and simplicity at the same time. Baoter is now actively organizing to cooperate with the architects to design the whole set bathroom accessories and other accessories in regards to the building style.

  • Towel Rings - Baoter towel rings are made with high quality material, good surface performance and user-friendly design.
    Towel Rings

    Towel Ring is a considerate creation. Installed near the basin for clean hand towel to wipe the water away, towel rings gives the instant cleanliness to our hands and also prevents water drops from the floor.Baoter is proud to introduce our towel rings for the strengths as durability, wonderful surface performance, user-friendly design and easy installation.

  • Towel Bars - Baoter towel bars have high quality material, good surface performance and user-friendly design.
    Towel Bars

    Towel Bar makes bath experience more enjoyable. Users can reach towels and bath towels easily, and dry wet towels by hanging on towel bars. Baoter's towel bars can be applied in bathroom, kitchen and bedroom where need towels or clothes arrangement.Baoter provides different sizes of Towel Bars : 18" towel bars, 24" towel bars and 30" towel bars. Baoter is proud to introduce towel rails with below strengths: durability, excellent surface performance, user-friendly design and easy installation.

  • Toilet Paper Holders - Baoter provides good quality toilet paper holders.
    Toilet Paper Holders

    There are various types of toilet paper holder that are produced and manufatured by Baoter.Baoter's toilet paper holders are considerablely designed for different kinds of styles, such as Classic and Modern-minimalism goods. Baoter's toilet paper holders are perfectly suitable for house, hotel bathrooms, and public area toilets . The high quality toilet paper holders and their durable performance will definetely be of use.

  • Robe Hooks - Durable and great bathrobe holders manufactured by Baoter.
    Robe Hooks

    Baoter highly concentrates on high quality products, owing to the fact that Baoter wants our consumers to be pleased with well-made products. One of Baoter's best sales is bathrobe hook, which is designed for meeting both a practical use - hanging bathrobe - and a aesthetics need. All of Baoter's bathrobe holders are easy to install, and are very beautiful pieces that will match perfectly with the décor of any upscale bathroom.

  • Toothbrush & Tumbler Holders - Excellent toothbrush and tumbler holders produced by Baoter
    Toothbrush & Tumbler Holders

    Baoter's range of tumbler holders are a very good and stylish solution for storing coustomers's toothbrushes. With a variety of styles and finishes available, you will find your ideal tumbler holder to fit bathroom style.

  • Soap Dish Holders - Baoter's soap dishes are produced with elaborate manufacture techniques.
    Soap Dish Holders

    Baoter's soap dishes provides you places to put the soaps, razors and other items up near shoulder level for convenience, yet also allow for water and residue to drain naturally. Besides that, Baoter's soap dishes are stylish, high quality functional and practical, the soap dishes make for an attractive addition to any bathroom.

  • Bathroom Shelves - Baoter presents you with high quality bathroom shelves.
    Bathroom Shelves

    Baoter's decorative glass shelf can be a safe and convenient place to store delicate and breakable items in an organized manner. All of the items are remarkablely strong. Also, a large amount with high quailty of products are eligiable provided.

  • Shower Storage Basket Collections - Baoter's shower storage caddies give you a neat bathroom.
    Shower Storage Basket Collections

    What can I benefit from Baoter Shower Storage Basket? First of all, Baoter shower storage basket present the core value of the ergonomics. The wall mounted storage basket provides the best solution for those who care and want the comfortable bath without bending down occasionally to reach the soap or shampoo. Also, the shower tidy rack offers a great help of organizing our bathroom and brings us neat space for a nice shower.

  • Bathroom Mirrors - Baoter serves you high quality bathroom shelves.
    Bathroom Mirrors

    Beautifully designed glass mirrors and brass constructed mirror holders with various styles can match your preference on bathroom decoration.

  • 4-Piece Bath Accessory Kit - 4-Piece Bath Accessory Kit
    4-Piece Bath Accessory Kit

    Baoter has four-piece bathroom accessories and also various combinations for different markets’ needs. Normally in the US market, four-piece bathroom accessories are popular, which includes 24” towel rail, towel ring, paper holder and robe hook or double robe hook. As for South America market’s preference, six-piece bathroom accessories with the combination of towel bar, towel ring, paper holder, robe hook plus soap dish holder and Toothbrush holder are more favored.