Inspiration Design Sets

Inspiration Design Sets

  • Delve TH4100 Series - Delve - Brass Bathroom Accessories TH4100 Series
    Delve TH4100 Series

    Delve into every possible solution. This spirit of Baoter brings the design of Delve bathroom accessories. paper holders, towel and bath towel holders and bathrobe hook are all formed from different size of cuboids. Junctions of each cuboid are shown with perfect right angle. Baoter solve the uneven surface problem caused by polishing. This proves Baoter's ability and also verifies Baoter's spirit of Delving into every possible solutions.

  • Calabash 8300 Series - Calabash - Brass Bathroom Accessories 8300 Series
    Calabash 8300 Series

    For bathroom accessories 8300 series, there are bathroom toilet paper holders, bathrobe holders, bathroom shelves, towel bars, tumbler holders and soap dishes, and you can buy them at home and kitchen stores.The 8300 series is named Calabash, which is a popular plant in China. Calabash design is widely used in traditional Chinese design to create a "good luck" look and feel. In the olden days, people used to use calabash to store medicine. With Baoter's skillful brass bathroom accessories technology, Calabash represents an elegant style.

  • Dome 8800 Series - Dome - Brass Bathroom Accessories 8800 Series
    Dome 8800 Series

    Brass bathroom accessory 8800 series is suitable for someone who’s looking for ancient Roman style design for their bathroom. The classic and leading-edge bathroom accessories ranging from towel rings, bathrobe holders, bathroom toilet paper holders, towel bars, tumbler holder, soap dish, and all of the holders for bathroom parts are particularly designed with fine technology to assure its high quality. Regardless of irregular shapes such as round, triangle, square or rectangular, Baoter backs every product with a guarantee of quality. Works that require advanced mold making, machining and tooling, solutions are engaged in order to build perfect piece of bathroom fixtures and fitting.

  • Eminence Eminen 5500 Series - Eminence Eminen - Brass Bathroom Accessories 5500 Series
    Eminence Eminen 5500 Series

    Eminen comes from Eminence, which means excellence. The Eminen series bathroom accessory contains towel holders, bathroom shelves, bathroom toilet paper holders, towel holder for bathrooms, double towel bars, tooth brush and tumbler holders, soap dishes and bathroom soap baskets. The Eminen design uses curved copper lines combining geometry to create a clean and stylish look. "Our flexibility has allowed our clients to challenge us on bathroom faucet or accessory with interesting shapes. And our great selection of bathroom fixture and fitting is the main reason why they stay and never leave,” said Ms. Yu Chin Mei, the CEO of Baoter Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Era 5400 Series - Era - Brass Bathroom Accessories 5400 Series
    Era 5400 Series

    The bathroom accessories 5400 Series, Era, has defined our life-style in the 21th century, which is independent, modern and has its own attitude. The brass bathroom accessory design of Era uses a rounded shape to create multiple functionalities, and its unique design is what Baoter is famous for.Era series consists of towel holders for bathrooms, bathrobe holders, bathroom shelves, bathroom toilet paper holders, towel bars, double towel bars, tumbler holders, soap dishes and bathroom soap baskets.Baoter’s bathroom fixtures are made of various metal materials, including copper, zinc and stainless steel. In addition, they are WRAS, NSF and ISO 9001 certified.

  • Top-Hat 5100 Series - Top-Hat - Brass Bathroom Accessories 5100 Series
    Top-Hat 5100 Series

    Adopting the elements of retro and classic, the brass bathroom accessory 5100 series is designed based on a plug hat. At the end of the 18th century, gentlemen started to wear plug hats as a fashion. Baoter uses the top hat to design a series of brass bathroom accessories, the simple design is popular with clients who favor a subtle taste of design.The brass bathroom accessory series 5100 consists of towel rings, bathrobe holders, towel bars, tumbler holders and soap dishes.

  • Ebullient Ebuli 5000 Series - Ebullient Ebuli - Brass Bathroom Accessories 5000 Series
    Ebullient Ebuli 5000 Series

    In 1970, the trumpet-shaped product was popular. The Beatles' fashion and also the freedom that young people were pursuing. Baoter is a bathroom accessory and fitting supplier, that uses the shape of a trumpet to come up with various bathroom accessories, including bathroom towel rings, bathroom toilet paper holders, tumbler holders, soap dishes, bathrobe holders and bathroom towel bars.

  • Beaut 2400 Series - Beaut - Brass Bathroom Accessories 2400 Series
    Beaut 2400 Series

    Beaut' means 'beauty' in Australia, and we are all familiar with the amazing water and scenery there. Baoter’s 2400 series bathroom fixture uses simple line design to represent Australia's beauty, which allows users to enjoy the use of their bathroom. Baoter has been designing bathroom accessories, sets & hardware for over 25 years. They are constantly thinking of new designs that can bring customer excitement.

  • Primer 3000 Series - Primer - Brass Bathroom Accessories 3000 Series
    Primer 3000 Series

    Primer means "the First" in Spanish. The bathroom accessories 3000 series of brass bathroom accessories is elegant and thoughtful, and the plastic round cap has added a different style to the set. Baoter designs a series of bathroom fixtures that has no holes; they are hidden under the metal plate by plastic caps. They are easy-to-install; anyone can set it up in a short time. It is a piece of art!

  • Coda 3700 Series - Coda - Brass Bathroom Accessories 3700 Series
    Coda 3700 Series

    Brass bathroom accessories 3700 series is designed based on Coda, the Symphony No. 9 by Beethoven. It is fun and cozy, just like Baoter's bathroom accessory and faucet sets.

  • Civ 3800 Series - Civ - Brass Bathroom Accessories 3800 Series
    Civ 3800 Series

    Civ in Italian means city, as the design of 3800 brass bathroom accessory is inspired – modern and stylish. In series 3800, round and straight lines are integrated into the design to create the simple look. It is just fun to input such style in the bathroom.

  • Liberty 8600 Series - Liberty - Brass Bathroom Accessories 8600 Series
    Liberty 8600 Series

    Liberty Bathroom Accessories is a style of modern simplicity. Composed with six slightly curved planes. The six flats symbolize the essence gained from various aspects, ideas; we could also put in another way, plane is composed by lines and line is connected by dots. Every single dot matters, every idea is an inspiration for being better.