About Baoter

About Baoter

26 Years of Bathroom Accessories, Sets & Hardware Supply

Baoter Industrial Co., Ltd. (Baoter), founded in 1990, is a bathroom faucet and accessory supplier with over 25 years’ experience. From bathroom parts OEM manufacturing to custom-design, small to mass production, simple to complicated finishing process, brass metal alloy to stainless steel, Baoter has been upgrading themselves relentlessly to design sophisticated bathroom fixtures in bathroom hardware industry along the way.

25 years ago, Baoter was focued on making bathroom faucets. Later, more clients asked for other bathroom accessories to go with them. Today, Baoter’s is specialized in tackling designs that are challenging and require difficult finishing and tooling processes. Their product line has widened. For example, six to seven-pieces of bathroom accessory, bathroom mirror, toilet brush holder, lotion dispensing pump, bathroom wall storage, bathroom clothes hook, etc. Furthermore, their bathroom fixture is packed as a holiday gift to sell in the U.S..

The clients are mostly from the U.K. Germany, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, including companies like Heritage from U.K., Hansgrohe from Germany, Kohler from the U.S. and Urrea from Mexico.

Sand Casting Process

At Baoter, sand casting is prepared by a professional sand casting supplier that is also responsible for the sand quality. They use sand for making a mold, and the sand size would affect the test result of accessory. Brass water pouring and the cooling process are the most critical steps, which can influence each bathroom accessory and faucet's surface quality and product finishing process.

Forging Process

Copper bar would first be cut into copper blocks and then be heated with furnace at 700-800 degree until they are ready for shaping. Baoter adopts furnace equipped with conveyor belt to make every copper block be equally heated to ensure excellent forging performance. We have 300 tons hot forging press machine, which is capable of producing objects with maximum length and width of 20cm. Forging could also produce object with irregular shapes, it is our specialty.

In the forging process, we accurately control the mold temperature, the temperature of the copper block, release concentration, humidity and other factors, to yield the highest quality.

Bathroom Faucet and Accessory - Machining and Tooling

Mold design, sand casting, onsite inspection plan, tooling and finishing’s gauge design, lab test, water pressure test, water leakage test and packaging requirement, all the processes should be ready as soon as the work begins. In addition, picture for polishing, CNC machining, sample testing, and the number of tested item, all the data should be clear and correct.

100,000 Sets Production Capability

Baoter's insistence on making the best bathroom faucets and accessories has paid off. Today, Baoter is providing 100,000 sets of bathroom faucets and accessories per year, and the number is still increasing. (p.s. A set has six pieces, which includes towel ring, bathroom toilet paper holder, towel bar, tumbler holder, soap dish and bathrobe holder.) Each set can have a different number per set based on customer's request.

Baoter's bathroom fixtures packaging may vary depending on each client's requirements. Baoter's production capacity is 100,000 sets of bathroom faucets and accessories per year.

Bathroom Fixture and Fitting Plating and Finishing

It can be a drawback if the shipped bathroom part can’t be assembled smoothly because of the size inaccuracy. Thus, many clients are very particular about the electro plating’s thickness. Plating thickness being 2-3 mu can be hard to control and the deposited layer's purity can differ depending on the current, chemical and technology, therefore, Baoter provides full check-up in order to deliver high quality job, that is, to design their own gauge to make sure each bathroom fixture and fittings coating is precise.

Quick Response with Price Quote

When you send an inquiry to Baoter, reverse engineering is conducted, and a detailed price list is provided. Work that requires advanced mold making, machining and tooling, solutions are engaged in order to build the perfect pieces of bathroom fixtures and fitting. And because of our seasoned experience, Baoter would provide professional consulting services to ensure your manufacturing costs are lowered.