Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Baoter’s mission is simple: to design and build bathroom fixtures that meet client’s goals. In 2006, ISO 9001 was obtained and Baoter was able to make WRAS, NSF certification bathroom accessories, sets and hardware.

In 2000, Baoter moved again to a bigger plant in Taiwan to complete 80% production capability; in 2008, a Vietnam plant was built in favor of conducting one-stop 100% production. Both plants focused on different markets, one for custom-design and the other one for OEM mass production.

In Vietnam, the plant has everything, ranging from bathroom accessory electroplating; heat treatment to finishing process, die casting, waste handling and the productivity was high. Years later, to focus on less volume, challenging and custom-design bathroom and kitchen accessory market, Baoter decided to move back Taiwan.

In Taiwan, Baoter receivs shapes that are tricky to handle - stylish and unique designs of bathroom accessories, sets & hardware. There are valves in a soap bottle, which requires high standard stamping quality or copper bending process; square-shape faucet that is hard to polish. To perform complicated shapes of bathroom fixtures, CNC machine, tube bending equipment, tooling, finishing and machining process has been purchased by Baoter.


Sand Casting Process

Gravity Casting Production

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings Assembly

Regardless of bathroom fitttings and accessories' machining and tooling, Baoter's seasoned experience can always make the best quality to meet international standards.

Of course,We provides other metal manufacturing

Baoter provides various services including material manufacturing and finish processing with different kinds of material such as Brass, Zinc, Aluminum etc.. Furthermore, We have new technology for advanced process. Therefore, there are various designs bathroom products provided with high quality. Baoter also provides a wide range styles of products for example Modern, Classic, Prestige and etc. We can grantee that Baoter will meet your expectation!

Bathroom Faucet and Accessory Packaging

Before packaging, visual inspection under lights is executed, it is a final step before packing up. If there’s no additional request, white box will be used. Product measurements, labeling and packaging, whether it's bubble bag or form sheet to remove the air, its text, color and size, all packaging meets client’s requirements.